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Halliburton suffers $2.4 bln loss

Oilfield services major Halliburton has seen red in the first quarter ended March 31, 2016 as the depressive market led to high impairments and revenue decline of approximately $2.86 billion compared to same time last year. Due to negative ma...

04/05/2016 Read

Anadarko strikes oil off Ivory Coast

The U.S. independent oil company Anadarko has hit net pay at its CI-103 block, offshore Ivory Coast. In its quarterly results presentation on Monday, the company revealed it struck approximately 100 net feet of vertical pay in the company’s...

04/05/2016 Read

Statoil swaps Edvard Grieg stake for Lundin shares

Norwegian oil giant Statoil has entered into an agreement with Lundin Petroleum to divest its entire 15 percent interest in the Edvard Grieg field, in the central North Sea, for an increased shareholding in Lundin Petroleum. To remind, Statoi...

03/05/2016 Read

American Oil and Gas businesses can tap into Offshore Wind

With the development of offshore wind industry on the United States’ horizon, the country is embarking on a journey Europe has been on for a while now, and is facing the same challenges, especially when it comes to reducing the cost of ele...

03/05/2016 Read

Cruise ship pulls into Havana on historic Cuba voyage

HAVANA, May 2 (Reuters) – The first U.S. cruise ship to arrive in Cuba in decades received a warm welcome on Monday from Havana residents who gathered at the wharf in the colonial old city as hundreds of Americans waved from the decks of the ve...

03/05/2016 Read

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