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Russia announces plans for space-age icebreakers

Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s colorful deputy prime minister, has again made headlines by claiming the country will build a series of advanced nuclear icebreakers that have long been considered a mere fantasy. Speaking to Tass, the official state...

04/01/2018 Read

Byron gears up for another Gulf of Mexico well

Byron Energy is working to complete the SM 71 F2 well in the Gulf of Mexico for production from the B65 sand and start drilling the SM 71 F3 well next week.  The wells are located within the South Marsh Island 71 (SM 71) lease...

04/01/2018 Read

Tanker hits oil platform in Dutch North Sea

A Portuguese-flagged oil and chemical tanker rang in the New Year with some new damage to its bow after it collided with an oil platform in the Dutch sector of the North Sea. The tanker, the 5,200 dwt MT Elsa Essberger, was sailing from Antwerp to...

03/01/2018 Read

Pilot boat capsized due to wake and currents

A preliminary investigation into the capsize of the pilot boat L242 has determined that the craft did not collide with the vessel it was approaching at the time of the accident. Instead, a combination of swells, the wake from the nearby ship and powe...

03/01/2018 Read

Canada issues speeding ticket to bulker Federal Cardinal

The bulk carrier Federal Cardinal was fined CAD 6,000 for allegedly breaking Canada’s speed limit in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. According to Transport Canada, the fine was issued for non-respect of the temporary mandatory vessel slo...

03/01/2018 Read

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